We are excellent and have proven experience with building rapidly growing up Fintech and Energy copanies in the Czech market.

What we do exactly: We are the ones who know the Czech market perfectly. According to the knowledge of the Fintech and Energy processes, we have for many years excellent relations with partners, which are essential for business in the Czech Republic. We quickly put the company into the MVP phase and stabilize processes. We are connected to the top support in the fields of legislation, risk management, callcenter solutions, IT solutions, HR. Based on the the experience gained, there is no loss of expensive time.

We do not keep our expertise to ourselves and we founded the Academy of Edu partners.

Mgr. Michal Míček
Mgr. Michal MíčekProjektový manager
FinTech, E-commerce, Vzdělávání
Ing. Jiří Míček
Ing. Jiří MíčekBusiness development
Energetika, Ekologizace spalin